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by Kalahari Surfers

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the visual component is here:


This is one of 2 video music/sound pieces i did for the "Ngezinyawo - Migrant Journeys" exhibition at the Wits Art Museum.
The two were also chosen for the 2015 Venice Biennale

It is a 4.17 secs real time from the aftermath of the Marikana miners massacre .
most of you would be listening to a number of news bulletins -
you’d be listening’d be reading newspapers
and eh ….the reports are balanced
all we did was give facts as they happened
and we also took the responsibility to ensure that ah
we not only tell them ..we had visuals of what has happened..
pictures of what has happened
so that people can judge for themselves based on facts
people can judge for themselves based on facts
we have facts: we have documentation, we have pictures , we have yooou who were out there
who experienced what has taken place
so people can judge for themselves based on facts
(animal and engine sounds)
people can judge for themselves based on facts

is this love that I am feeling

and I’m hoping that we also will have some time on Thursday if we are still here
to have our own time ..just to pray
for this country
to pray for us
to pray for our …energy
and ability to continue working
and ..ah .. I hope this information assists you to understand the processes that are taking place
and let me say to you
ours is a journey that is not about to stop
ours is a journey that requires to be continued
ours is a journey that is non-negotiable
we are here to ensure that South Africans are safe and are secure
I know we are hurting
I know we are bruised
I know we are challenged ..and we too are human
we too need to be taken care of
I thank you all and I’d like to congratulate each and everyone of you
for the strength that you continue to carry
for the commitment that you continue to show
I want to be un-police like
I want you to actually applaud yourself
I thank you very much
I do want to say to you
we love you all
thank you
address by National Comissioner of Police to SAPS at Lonmin Aug 2012



all rights reserved


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